UNIROR Universal-Rohrreinigungs GmbH Forst
Gutsweg 18, 03149 Forst (Lausitz)

Geschäftsführung: Gerald Kulke, Jeannette Jentsch
Amtsgericht Cottbus: HRB 133

Telefon: 03562 6325
Telefax: 03562 637771
E-Mail: info@uniror-forst.de

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UNIROR - Universal Pipe Cleaning Ltd.

Welcome to your specialist for pipe cleaning

Here, you now have the opportunity to make their own impression of our work - and the comfort of home or office. In addition to performance summaries and reference lists can be found in our galleries and a series of photos of our projects. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions - please do not hesitate to contact via our contact form to contact us.

Pigging technology

Even after 20 years working in the field of pig cleaning, there are always new challenges in the pig cleaning technology and execution. The company UNIROR GmbH Forst / Lausitz is an innovative service company, which has over the company's history developed into a popular company specializing in the cleaning of pipelines at home and abroad.

Special pipe line pigs own production are used to degas the fuel lines, pipes to drain dry, calibrated to check, locate, or to seek out foreign bodies. These were exhibited in concrete pumps-pipe lines in Austria, kerosene-pipe lines in Munich, Hamburg and at submerged installation on drainage pipes in the mining and chemical plants in operation.

The company UNIROR is represented with its own stand at national and international fairs. Its customer base includes network operators, such as pipe drinking water and wastewater associations, utilities, mining companies, industrial companies and restructuring specialist.

A research-development project to improve the production and application technology, to open up new application fields for the pig cleaning technology. For this, a pipe line- test facility for project-related experiments and investigations was erected on the premises. (Funded by the state of Brandenburg, from the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF] and funds from the federal and provincial, with the assistance of the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus, and Vattenfall, BASF LMBV).


About us

We are an innovative services company that operates since 1990 in the area of the pipe cleaning and can now more on 20 years of experience fall back, especially in the area the pressure pipe cleaning. We have developed, among other things, a special cleaning technology, for pressure pipes to be cleaning in a PU-foam-cleaning pig method with a high efficiency.

In the pig pipe cleaning, we cover the whole range for drinking water, wastewater and industrial / mining of all sizes and pipe materials.

Our customer base includes network operators, such as pipe drinking water and wastewater associations, utilities, mining companies, industrial companies and pipe restructuring specialist. Our highly trained staff, performs special orders for the cleaning of pipelines in at home and abroad professional of.

Through a joint research and development project to improve the production and application technology of plastic pigs (funded by the state of Brandenburg and in collaboration with the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus, and Vattenfall, BASF and LMBV) are we capable of our pigs for the particular cleaning technology of the pipe line itself to manufacture and worn pig body work up.

We run a pipe test facility for Project-related experiments and studies on our company premises.

In order to among experts known and recognized to be, we take part in national and international fairs and events. Hereby was already established many contacts because the interest is huge. Problems with the cleaning of pressure pipelines are indeed general known.


Services around the pipe cleaning

Our range of services

• Pipe cleaning, high pressure cleaning, industrial cleaning

• TV inspection

• Pig cleaning, calibration with pigs, tamping

• Creating of cleaning technologies

• Cleaning of gutters, downspouts, septic tanks and yard- drainage

• Extraction of dry bulk material, insulation, sand and mud

• Preventive cleaning and maintenance work at special rates

• Disposal, cleaning and maintenance of oil, grease, gasoline and dirt separators, small wastewater treatment plants and cesspits

• Manufacture and sale of cleaning pigging, pigging and custom calibration from nominal widths DN 25 - DN 1500

• Manufacture and sale of pig traps for all nominal Widths

Special services

• Pig cleaning is feasible for all sizes, pipe materials and interior coatings. e.g. Pressure and sewer lines, drinking water / water for industrial and mining

• Cleaning pig with its own development and manufacturing of cleaning pigs (Unimolchen)

• Placement of cleaning pigs with tools depending on the type of deposits and debris

• Long pipelines, various bows, tees, nominal size change etc are for Unimolche no problem as always a corresponding cleaning technology is created

Our range of services for special technologies

• Pigging cleaning of pipelines

• Preparatory work for pipe renovators with special scrapers

• Provide and operation of pumping stations to 390m ³ / h, with a compact hydraulic drive for high mud - sand and solids, with cutting mechanism, including pressure boosting system for long conveyor lines

• Cleaning of wells, riser and drainage systems with special mammoth pumps, combined with pressure water and vacuum technology

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Universal-Rohrreinigungs GmbH Forst - Telefon 03562 6325 - info@uniror-forst.de